What is the real estate presentation platform?

The wec360° UNit finder is a powerful tool to display a vast amount of information and graphical content in one single platform that is viewable on all type of devices.

All in one place - on any device, on any website.

You get access to the latest technology in visualization, all put together in one place. Upload all your images, 3d-models, videos and project information, spread and publish on any website.

We currently have projects in nine countries and more than 35 000 residential units in the platform. The broad compatibility of the platform provides the same experience everywhere on any modern device. Share links, QR-codes or iframe it on your webpage.

We provide insight into the marketing prograss of all your projects and its different units. This allows you to keep track on on each apartment and boost the marketing when necessary and shorten your sales cycles.

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More about wec360° and the Unit Finder

To learn more about the unit finder, watch our episode from "Behind the Scenes with host Laurence Fishburne".