Embed or create a direct link to the unit finder on your website

The wec360° Unit Finder can be added to your webpage or distributed in a number of different ways. The most common ways is to embed it to your webpage by iframe or a link that opens the platform in a new tab.

However, there is no right or wrong here. Depending on the traffic on your site and the way you want your customers to experience the project determines the best way for you to add the platform to your site. We have listed the different options below with the pros for each method.

Direct Link

Adding a direct link that opens in a new tab is a good solution to experience the platform in fullscreen mode. This gives the overall best experience of the platform on all units, making all platform features easily available. If your site has a lot of mobile traffic, this is the recommended way to go.

<a href="https://view.wec360.com/docs/platform-docs/image" target="_blank">
Click to open viewer in new tab


If you wish the unit finder to blend in to your site, the embedding via iframe is the best option. This works best of you have lots of computer based traffic on your site. This mode works well to display the gallery, video and map views. Fullscreen mode is still available through a button in the upper right corner. See example below.


The deliverance of the platform also includes a qr-code that links straight into the platform. This is a good way to link to the unit finder from printed material, tv-screens and such. Remember that this technique only works on smartphones and tablets.

QR Code