Connect to our Unit Finder

To make the unit finder even easier to use, we have developed integrations to several of the market leading CRM systems for real estate.

What is an integration?

We connect your CRM to our platform and import the desired unit data, such as pricing, size, sales status and much more. This ensure that your unit data in our platform is always up to date.

When your project is being set up in the platform, our project managers will check if your CRM-system can be connected to our unit finder. To read more about this, check the In depth page for integrations

How does it work?

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Your CRM-system contains information about the apartments you are about to sell. To ensure that data ends up in our platform, it needs to be exported in a way so we can read it, which is through something called a JSON endpoint (a link or file with the data in a json format). We then tell our platform how to interpret the data and add that information to the units in our platform. Our systems are now in sync and each time you update apartment information in your system, it automatically syncs to our unit finder as well.