Interactive demos

Try embedded versions of the most popular features and view types of the real estate presentation platform. Use the fullscreen button in the upper right corner to view each demo in full size.

webGL exterior

Our 3D-models has several different features that can be applied. Unit finder Our apartment finder with filters, object pages and intuituve navigation can be applied on all 3d-models.

Sun Study We offer an advanced sun study on all our 3D-models. Based on the project coordinates, we use the open source project suncalc to calculate the sun position on the specific location during a chosen date and time. The sun study can show four different dates, displayed as seasons in the viewer. Available dates are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st for any given coordinates.

Please note: The sun study is a simulation and the result may differ from reality if the surrounding areas of the project are not build into the model. The simulation does not adapt to altitude in the calculation. Wec360° does not take responsiblity for the correctness of the simulation result.

webGL interior

An interior 3d-model with walk mode and measure mode.

Unit finder

Our unit finder, here applied to a basic image view. Use the mouse to hover the building or use the filter menu to search for a specific size, price range or other parameters.

Virtual tour

Experience an apartment through our virtual tour made of high res equirectangular jpg-images. Switch between each room using the menu at the bottom or the hotspots placed in each room.